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Predictions for Public Assistance (Pronósticos para la Asistencia Pública) is a decentralized body of the Federal Government with legal personality and own assets. It was established by Presidential Decree in 24th February, 1978, at that time under the name of Sport Predictions for Public Assistance (Pronósticos Deportivos para la Asistencia Pública), changing to its current appellation by Presidential Decree in 17th August, 1984.

The objective and purpose of Predictions for Public Assistance is the acquisition of resources intended to the Public Assistance through the organization and/or participation in the operation and celebration of contests and draws at national and international levels either in cash or in kind, organized by the entity itself or by third parties, with previous authorization of the Members of the Board of the entity with approval of the Government Secretary and in its case, of the Finance and Public Credit Secretary.

Predictions for Public Assistance is grouped into the Field 6 of the Finance and Public Credit Secretary, it is a non budget supported entity, because it doesn’t receive federal resources related to transferences and/or subsidies, since this entity generates its own resources through the holding of contests and draws, and it is also an entity of indirect budget control, that injects important monetary resources to the federal finances.

The President of the Republic designates the General Director of Predictions for Public Assistance, and he is the executor of the agreements of the Members of the Board, as well as the other attributions and functions designated by the Federal Law of Parastatal Entities and its Regulations and in the Organic Statute of the entity.

The Members of the Board of Predictions for Public Assistance are in charge of the Governance Body of this entity, and its untransferable attributions in addition to what is set by article 58 of the FederalLaw of Parastatal Entities are to authorize the prices of the products and services generated or given by the entity, except those determined by an Executive Federal Power agreement; to authorize the acts and operations conferred by the laws; to solve everything related to the exercise of the attributions of the Members of the Board itself that are inside of the objective and purpose of the organism.

The entity’s Members of the Board issue as well, the guidelines for the commercialization of the contests, draws, products and services offered by the entity; they authorize the incentives program by paying the contest’s traders in cash or in kind with the objective of becoming their support, in order to achieve the institutional and commercial objectives of the organism; and they issue intern criteria for the commission contracts and under which commissions they are payable.

Predictions for Public Assistance makes of public concern the results of the contests and draws celebrated; the payment of all of the prizes of the events done by the organism is done with the previous retention of taxes established by the Tax Legislation.

The right to claim the received prizes will have a due date of 60 natural days from the day after the corresponding contest celebration.


Maximize the generation of economic resources to support the national public assistance, through the growth and strengthening of the contest and draw market, under the principle of responsible gaming, for in order to satisfy the expectations of the Mexican society.


To be a world class company of excellence for contests and draws, because of its high quality products and reliability, the best shopping experience and the promotion of responsible gaming, in order to promote the public assistance on behalf of the Mexican population.